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Consultants in Acoustics, Noise & Vibration


About us:


AGI History

Acoustics Group, Inc. was founded to provide professional consulting services in acoustics, noise and vibration control, while exceeding customer service expectations.  With over 20 years of experience supporting clientele in the Environmental Analysis, Transportation, Architectural, Forensics – Expert Witness, Industrial, and Planning Sectors, our staff members have earned a reputation within the industry for timeliness, effectiveness and excellence in the practice of acoustics, noise, and vibration.  Please refer to Our Team for more information.



AGI Philosophy

Timeliness, Technical Excellence, and Commitment to Customer Service are trademarks of our service.  AGI works personally with each client to understand project objectives, develop strategies, and address project requirements.  We work closely with the design team to evaluate applications and solutions that address innovative cost-effective solutions for clients.


Client satisfaction and the achievement of project goals are paramount to AGI’s philosophy. Accordingly we strive to maintain the level of quality and service upon which the excellent reputation of our firm is predicated. AGI adheres to strict codes of professional and individual excellence, while maintaining a sharp focus on the client, and the particular challenges presented by every project we undertake. Our dedication to providing quality solutions and commitment to client satisfaction are apparent throughout all of our project efforts.



AGI Teaming

Our staff has worked on numerous projects over the years as a sub-contractor or consultant team member for large engineering, planning, and environmental firms.  AGI’s staff excels as integrated members of larger evaluation or design teams. Our broad experience is particularly useful in the critical early stages of project design. We take great pride in being pro-active, rather than reactive, members of the planning or design team. While acoustical problems can be remedied at many stages of a project, dealing with issues after-the-fact in a retrofit manner is expensive and time consuming. It is infinitely more effective when acoustics, noise and vibration solutions are properly incorporated into the project design from the onset.


AGI Work Practices

AGI's staff experience has taught us that efficient communication of technical issues and expertise are keys to achieving project goals.  Our experience with government agencies, cities, counties, and states, as well as many nationally recognized commercial and industrial corporations enables AGI to effectively ‘set the course’ for the timely achievement of project goals.