The Acoustics Group, Inc. (AGI) provides a broad spectrum of acoustical consulting, noise control engineering, and vibration assessment services to both the private and public sectors. Our highly qualified staff provides acoustical and noise control services during the environmental, design, engineering, construction, and verification phases of each project.  If you have a noise control, acoustical or vibration related project, we can help you find a value-added solution.

A listing of our services is as follows with in depth details under the highlighted categories:

Also available:

  • Expert Witness
  • Architectural & Engineering Support
  • Construction Noise & Vibration Monitoring, Mitigation & Control Plans
  • Council/Commission Deliberations & Testimony
  • Design Reviews & Plan Checks
  • Engineering & Construction Support
  • General plan, Noise Element Reviews & Upgrades
  • Noise Regulation Reviews & Upgrades
  • Public Presentations & Workshops