• Vibration Assessment Studies
  • Assess Vibration-sensitive Operations
  • Short-Term and Continuous Vibration Monitoring
  • Develop Noise/Vibration Monitoring Plans
  • Develop Vibration Mitigation Plans
  • Evaluate Human Annoyance responses
  • Ground-bourne Vibration monitoring
  • Vibration Alert Notifications and Reporting
  • Oversee Construction Impact Monitoring

AGI’s technical services include vibration studies for the construction of roadways and rail lines. Recommendations for vibration mitigation measures during the design process are based on predicted vibration levels. Methods for reducing construction vibration, including the use of less intrusive equipment, scheduling, and construction methodology are recommended wherever their effectiveness and practicality are feasible. AGI staff also provides support to community involvement programs that facilitates the identification of vibration concerns at an early stage in the project and enhance the acceptability of proposed mitigation measures.

AGI’s staff has extensive working knowledge of seismometers, analyzers, accelometers, and geophones. Timely field monitoring of existing conditions and sampling of representative future conditions for impact assessment are well within our capabilities.  Our staff has a thorough understanding of Federal and Local transportation vibration regulations and guidelines as well as industry standards for vibration sensitive facilities.

Vibration Projects